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Re-energise your everyday.

Does your internal battery drain faster than it used to?

You’re not the only one.

There is a way to start everyday on full charge


We’ll show you how in 20 minutes a day you can power yourself up, one habit at a time and keep going (like you used to).

Want to start getting more energy everyday? Download my free Energy Manual for some great tips.

Prefer to have more guidance on a daily basis? 

Get your own personalised energy programme.


"As a working mum of two I felt I had no time in the day to consider my own health. But Aaron has showed me not only how to get healthier but have the energy to spend quality time with the family even at the end of long days. Feeling younger and loving life."


I got into some really bad habits that made me out of shape and feel deflated daily. Since working with Aaron on 20 Minute Coach habits I can honestly say I have never felt more energised. I actually want to make healthier choices and now I am not forcing myself to do them.

Lisa Driver, LONDON

“I admit I had a pretty bad energy drink addiction, when I decided to stop, I was so tired all the time. Aaron helped me gain my natural energy back and very knowledgable about which foods to eat to increase my daily energy levels.”

What is a Personalised Energy Programme?

Our focus is on sustainable re-energising daily.

This isn't about putting pressure on yourself to go cold turkey and change your habits overnight. I have been coaching for over 10 years - and trust me this never works! So I developed a 20 minute activity programme that can be personalised to my clients and is designed to habit stack your way to get more energy everyday.

(and of course as a bonus it comes with all the other halo effects of getting more energy, like losing weight, toning up etc...)


Nutrition Coaching

I will reveal what vitamins you should take and what to consume based on your life stage and daily routine to keep you charged up all day and feeling great. I have loads of 'healthy swaps' that taste amazing, so there's no chance of FOMO.


Exercise Coaching

I will develop a exercise programme that works based on your daily routine. Whatever time you have available I will show you how you can fill that time (even just 20 minutes) to get moving and get the blood pumping.


Wellness Coaching

I will make sure you develop habits that help your mindset, so you can easily tackle anything life throws at you. From learning how to get a good night's sleep to understanding about 'brain foods' that supports your mental balance.

Choose Your Membership

For the cost of few monthly direct debit subscriptions that are never used you can get your energy back and increase your quality of life.


Cancel Anytime

✓ Full analysis of current lifestyle

✓ Personalised training plan (adjusted weekly)

✓ Professional nutrition guidance

✓ Healthy & high protein recipes

✓  Weekly check-in calls with me

✓  Weekly goals for continuous progress

✓ Body measurement tracking

✓ 24/7 contact with me




Limited Time Offer: 25% Off



Per Month

Per Month

At Twenty Minute Coach, we believe in providing a sustainable way for people to get more energy every day, without relying on temporary solutions. Our coaching approach is designed to help you manage your days and feel great to spend time with family.

Twenty Minute Coach AKA Aaron Thompson

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Blue Sky

Your energy awaits...

Please fill out the form below and let's start your new healthy, energetic life.

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